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Chrome Clock for Konfabulator Yahoo Widget Engine

clock widget iconNow for Windows too!
A sleek and simple (and free!) variable size analog clock for you, based on Analog Clock by Arlo Rose for Konfabulator Yahoo Widget Engine. Requires Mac OS X or Windows and the Konfabulator Yahoo Widget Engine application. (now free!)

I wanted a desktop clock that I could read from across the room, so I made one. I liked it so much that I submitted it to the Konfabulator Yahoo Widget Engine gallery. It now has reached over 160,000 downloads!

Some comments:
"Chrome Clock gets my #1 vote as the most visually appealing widget available. More Windows users have said "I want one" than for any other widget I run."

"My favourite widget by far. Very very useful and beautiful looking, too."

"This is the widget that made me pay for Konfabulator. Beautiful, perfect."

"Simple, Stylish, Beautiful! Good work."

"The reason I registered Konfabulator! "

"I love this thing.. timeless (punn intended), classic and beautiful ... Very happy"
download for Macdownload for Windows
Four Volkswagen icons for Mac OSX and Win XP
I love The Beatles. This is a Beatles drum icon
I love Vespas. This is a Vespa icon.
A set of four Electric Guitar icons:
Two Les Pauls, two Stratocasters
I couldn't find a good iPod Touch icon, so I made one.
This one is Leopard-ready.
iPod Touch icon  
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